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The Edge

Take Your New York Sightseeing Experience to New Heights with Tickets to The Edge

The Edge NYC

As the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere, The Edge offers an unparalleled experience that literally takes New York sightseeing to new heights. With Sav’ndo, not only do you get access to this architectural marvel, but you also enjoy exclusive discounts that make the adventure even more enticing.

Discover The Edge: A Sky-High Sanctuary

Perched 100 stories above the ground, The Edge is not just an observation deck; it’s a journey into the clouds. Its unique design suspends it mid-air, creating the sensation of floating above the city. The 360-degree views from The Edge are unmatched, offering panoramic vistas of New York’s iconic skyline, bustling streets, and serene rivers.

Highlights of The Edge Experience:

  • Glass Floor Lookdown: Dare to walk across the glass floor and peer down to the streets a hundred stories below for a thrilling perspective of the city.
  • Angled Glass Walls: Lean into the skyline with angled glass walls that offer a unique vantage point, making you feel as if you’re reaching out into the city itself.
  • Champagne in the Sky: Enhance the moment with a glass of champagne, toasting to the breathtaking views and the unforgettable memories you’re creating.

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